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Mobile Menu Special Features

These GeneratePress site library sites have extra settings on mobile phones. I use this list when I want to find a particular effect, so I can copy that effect on a site I’m building. To see the mobile version of the navigation view these sites using a mobile phone. Sider has sidebar navigation on desktop … Read more

What Can You Do With GeneratePress Elements?

Replace GeneratePress elements with your own. You can replace GeneratePress elements such as the page hero, sidebar, and footer, with layouts you build yourself using GenerateBlocks plugin. You can also make all kinds of content boxes and hook them into your website wherever you need them. Design your own. Page Heroes. Sidebars. Footers. Insert dynamic … Read more

Using GeneratePress Documentation

I found using GeneratePress Documentation confusing at first. But. It’s easy once you understand how it works. GeneratePress has excellent technical support. But the quickest way to find the instructions and information you need is to use the online help and documentation. This is how I use GeneratePress documentation First I find a module I … Read more

What is GeneratePress: A basic overview for new users

Question: What is GeneratePress? Answer: It’s a WordPress theme that a small business owner can customize in almost any way they need. Is GeneratePress a theme or a plugin? GeneratePress is a free theme you can buy a plugin that adds more options and settings to that theme and GenerateBlocks page layout plugin integrates seamlessly … Read more

What are GeneratePress Elements?

GeneratePress Elements are things that you can apply to more than one page or post. For instance, you could use GeneratePress elements to… Add a call to action box that you apply to all posts in a category. Make a footer that you apply to pages but not posts. Build a hero header with background … Read more

GeneratePress Site Library

The GeneratePress site library lets you jump start the design process. But unlike many other themes, each layout is completely customizable. You can use the site library sites as is, or tweak them to your exact needs. Use Site Library, with or without a page builder There are 37 sites in the GeneratePress site library. … Read more

More Controls Customizer Tab

Many of the design and layout settings for your GeneratePress website are in the customizer. But if we take the header section of your website, for instance. The header settings are spread out under four different “More Controls” tabs in the customizer. Your logo and tagline display in the header section of your website. More … Read more

Blog Settings in GeneratePress

GeneratePress blog settings give you all the customization options mot small business websites need. You find the blog settings by going to … Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Layout > Blog The settings are divided in to three main sections… content featured images columns Content There are two tabs in the blog content settings. … Read more