Copy and paste code for page Sections

Please note! It’s now easier to build page sections using GenerateBlocks, a free plugin made by the same developer that makes GeneratePress.

I made this code for you to copy and paste into GeneratePress page Sections.

You’ll need to add a plugin

If the code uses the Lightweight Grid Columns plugin you’ll have to make sure that plugin is installed and activated first.

Then customize the text

After you paste the code into a GeneratePress page section, carefully change the words in the headlines and paragraphs. The icons come from Font Awesome.

And add a background color or image

You can add a background color or background image and change the font colors for each page section individually.

Button CSS

You can change the color of the built in buttons using code provided by GeneratePress.

The code below contains a headline, paragraph and button

headline Paragraph and Button for Page Sections

The code below places a Font Awesome icon to the left of the h3 heading

Font Awesome icons to left of headlines

The code below centers a large icon above the headline and text

Large icons centered above headlines

The code below left aligns a large icon above a bold headline

Large icons left aligned above headlines