Do you need Beaver Builder if you use GeneratePress?

Probably not. GenerateBlocks replaces your page builder

In days gone by, if you wanted to build a complex page layout you would have bought a plugin like Beaver Builder or Elementor. The free GenerateBlocks plugin can build most, if not all, of the page layouts you’re likely to need. And that can save you $100 or more.

Do you need a complicated layout?
GenerateBlocks can build beautiful and sophisticated page layouts that once were the realm of premium plugins like Beaver Builder or Elementor.

But! GenereateBlocks is free.

Icons in headlines

The GenerateBlocks headline block has a point and click icon option. But you can also add an SVG image via the icon block. This gives you limitless options for adding icons to your pages.

Icons above headlines

Place your icon above or to the left of your headline.

I made these icons using GenerateBlocks. If your social media platforms provide SVG icons, you can add those to your pages too.

Build your own fancy boxes with GenerateBlocks

Place a grid inside a container

I built this grid using the GenerateBlocks grid block.

Place text inside the grid

I used heading and paragraph blocks inside each grid column.

Add formatting

I added formatting to each column in this grid to give the columns borders.

Do you still need a page builder such as Beaver Builder?

Things you can do with GenerateBlocks…

  • Build complex layout grids
  • Place widgets inside the layout grid boxes
  • Apply color overlays to background images
  • Place headlines and text in a white text box, above a row that has a background image
  • Make fancy headline and sub heads
  • Build lists and paragraph text

This page was made using the free versions of GenerateBlocks.

Generate Press alone may already do everything you need

You can make great looking page layouts using Generate Press.

In the pro version of GeneratePress you can build page elements. Page elements enable you to build page sections using the block editor and then place those page sections in different parts of your layout using hooks.

These sections can span the full browser width or be contained. If you build those page elements using GenerateBlocks (a free plugin) they can also have their own individual background color, background image and text colors.

Column layouts

You can use the built in WordPress columns block or GenerateBlocks plugin to build Grids & Columns. You layout the content in any section in almost any way you wish.

I built this page using GenerateBlocks

Blog page listings

If you want to display a list of your blog posts in a page section you can use the free version of WP Show Posts plugin.


You can insert Font Awesome icons above or to the left of a headline. You can also paste SVG icon code into the icon settings if you want more choice.

Image overlay colors

Applying a dark overlay makes it easier to read white text on top of multicolored images. GenerateBlocks lets you do this easily.