Generate Press or Beaver Builder

The pro version of GeneratePress is very powerful. But there may be times when you want to build a page layout that, using Generate Press alone, would need quite a lot of hand coding.

Complicated layout?
This is where the free version of Beaver Builder plugin, combined the free version of the Power Pack add-on plugin, comes in very useful. Generate Press has been designed to integrate fully with page builder plugins.

Here are some reasons you might choose to use Beaver Builder in addition to Generate Press…

If you want to add a smart heading to your page

Smart Heading


If you want to give a text box a colored background

Text box with colored overlay


If you want to give a row background image a colored overlay to make the white text easier to read


If you want to place an icon to the side of a heading and text box

Info list


If you want to apply fancy formatting to text boxes

Info boxes

These are not the only reasons you might decide to use Beaver Builder as well as all of the options in the Generate Press theme. But I hope it gives you a better idea of the options available in Beaver Builder.

When should you use Beaver Builder and Power Pack?

If you want to…

  • Build complex layout grids
  • Place widgets inside the layout grid boxes
  • Apply color overlays to background images
  • Place headlines and text in a white text box, above a row that has a background image
  • Make fancy headline and sub heads with a divider that includes an icon
  • Build lists that contain an icon, headline and paragraph text

These pages were made using the free versions of Beaver Builder and The Power Pack add on.

Generate Press alone may already do everything you need

You can make great looking page layouts using Generate Press Sections.

In the pro version of GeneratePress you have the option to build any page or post from individual sections. (Sections are not available on archive pages such as category listing pages.)

Full width & Background colors

These sections can span the full browser width or be contained. They can also have their own individual background color, background image and text colors.

Column layouts

You can use a plugin called Lightweight Grid Columns to help you layout the content in any section.

I built this page using Sections

Blog page listings

If you want to display a list of your blog posts in a page section you can use the free version of WP Show Posts plugin.


If you’re willing to use a little bit of code you can insert Font Awesome icons above a headline for instance.

Image overlay colors

Generate Press does not have the ability to apply an overlay color to background images. Applying a dark overlay makes it easier to read white text on top of multicolored images. If you want to do this you would need to edit the image in image editing software before uploading it to your site.