Mobile Menu Special Features

These GeneratePress site library sites have extra settings on mobile phones. I use this list when I want to find a particular effect, so I can copy that effect on a site I’m building. To see the mobile version of the navigation view these sites using a mobile phone.

Sider has sidebar navigation on desktop

Slideout (icons in links)

Driver (address, phone, icons below links in mobile menu)

Security & Charge (button last link)

Newsroom & Explore (icons at bottom)

Brand (bold headings)

Workout & Plumber (last link is button plus button in mobile header)

Health (banner displays on mobile )

Cloud (before header widget area? Left and right.)

Clinic (last link is button with icon)

Summer Camp (last link is button)

Movement (has button in mobile header and in menu.)

Capital (last link is button plus row of icons)

Frame & Agency (button to left of hamburger)

TMRland (button to right of hamburger and vertical social icons on desktop)

APP (has two buttons in header and mobile header)

Ethos (phone link button in header and mobile header)

Aroma (social icons in header and mobile header)

Split (has logo centre, search icon left, and hamburger right)

Dance (left border on hover)

Java (hamburger has label of MENU)

Arctic (bottom section with social icons)

Vacation (has logo in mobile menu plus rule above bottom link)

Abstract (icons above header)

Spacious (hamburger on left, about me, icons, gallery in mobile menu)

Tasty (icons above header)

Merch (search box in mobile menu)

Dispatch (icons below links)

Trade (phone link above header)

Pivot (last link is phone number)

Branded (last row is social icon)

Target (top banner text)

Studio (last link is social icon)

Horizon (icons and email subscribe below links)

Wordsmith (hamburger has menu label plus logo above menu)

Artisan (phone link in top banner on desktop and mobile)