Using GeneratePress Documentation

I found using GeneratePress Documentation confusing at first. But. It’s easy once you understand how it works. GeneratePress has excellent technical support. But the quickest way to find the instructions and information you need is to use the online help and documentation. This is how I use GeneratePress documentation First I find a module I … Read more

Featured images for posts and pages

Important! In GeneratePress, featured images are easily confused with Page Headers. But page headers and featured images are actually two completely different things. Featured image settings and page header settings have no impact on eachother. What do featured images look like when used in GeneratePress? The three images below show the three featured image locations … Read more

Page Headers (hero images): what are they?

“In web design, a hero image is a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and center, a hero image often consists of image and text, and can be static or dynamic.” On this page I’ll explain what GeneratePress page headers are. I’ll explain how to make page … Read more