These settings are available when using the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

Blog Settings in GeneratePress

GeneratePress blog settings give you all the customization options mot small business websites need.

You find the blog settings by going to …

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Layout > Blog

The settings are divided in to three main sections…

Blog settings for content.


There are two tabs in the blog content settings.

  1. archives
  2. single

The archive settings tab controls blog, category and tag archive listing pages.

The single tab affects single posts.

Blog settings for featured images.

Featured Images

The blog settings featured images tab is divided in to three sections…

  1. archives
  2. posts
  3. pages

Select each tab one at a time and adjust settings. For instance, you can place the featured image above or below the post title etc.

See the full list of settings.

Blog column settings.


Your archive listing pages can list your posts as a single column, one post above the other. Or you can arrange your posts into columns. If you want to you can also arrange the posts in a masonry grid. Masonry rearranges the posts so they fit more tightly together, leaving less space between each post in the grid.

  1. if you use columns, choose from 2 to 5
  2. the first post on your archive page can be a larger featured post
  3. masonry makes the posts in your post grid fit together more snugly

Spend some time experimenting with the blog settings. The best way to really understand what the settings do and how they look in practice is to test different options and see for yourself. As with most things in life, practice makes perfect.

The main blog options are…

  • Single column, the traditional WordPress blog listing page.
  • Multi column three columns for instance.
  • Make first post featured, sometimes called magazine style.
  • Masonry grid, columns that fit together more snugly (no gaps).
  • Featured image above or below post title.
  • Show or hide post date, author name etc.