GeneratePress Tutorials. For web designers who take web design seriously.

If you care passionately about the quality of the websites you build. And if you’re determined to make sure the people who view your websites have the best user experience, GeneratePress is for you.

– Philip Gledhill


This website contains GeneratePress tutorials.

These are web design tutorials for small agencies, freelance web designers, small business owners, and enthusiastic amateurs.

GeneratePress takes the block editor (Gutenberg) to the next level. You can design your own headers, footers, sidebars, page layouts and much much more.

If you’re new to GeneratePress Premium, watch this “Getting Started” video.


Web Design, Page Layout and Styling.

In the past, WordPress themes were fixed layouts. You now have much more control than you had with those old fashioned themes.

“It’s powerful, affordable & easy to use.”

Things you’ll discover on this website…

You’ll discover what GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks are and you’ll discover how to use them to build a professional small business website.

Site Library

The GeneratePress site library.

The site library is a set of ready made starter designs. Use these as is or customize them to your own needs.

The Theme

GeneratePress is a fully customizable theme.

This is a fully customizable theme. Use the free version with limited options or the much more powerful premium version.


GeneratePress integrates fully with GenerateBlocks page builder.

GenerateBlocks is a high quality, lightweight page builder that integrates perfectly with GeneratePress.

Get started with GeneratePress for free…

Start building your site using the free version of GeneratePress. I’m sure you’ll soon decide to upgrade because you’ll want all of the extra features the pro version gives you. It really is excellent value for money.

Point & Click

Build your individual page layouts using GenerateBlocks. It integrates perfectly with GeneratePress, and it’s easy to use.

Pro Version

Want more power? I believe you’ll soon want to upgrade to the pro version. And who can blame you?

Ideal for freelance designers

If you run a small agency or operate as a freelance web designer you need a simple repeatable solution you can use again and again. That’s what’s on offer here. Dozens of starter themes, so your clients can have a bespoke look instantly. But then you can customize almost every aspect of those starter sites. And if you have real design talent, start your design from scratch.