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A Beginners Guide to GeneratePress

On this page I’ve listed many of the options available in GeneratePress. I hope this will help you get started with the premium version of GeneratePress. Just read through the available options to see how GeneratePress enables you to customize your site.

Less obvious settings in GeneratePress

As a new user of GeneratePress I often knew I could do something but I couldn’t work out how to do it. I didn’t know where the relevant settings were. This post is not a tutorial. It’s a guide to help you quickly navigate to the settings page you need to do the job you … Read more

Navbar and logo cheat sheet for GeneratePress

The Three Logos Site Identity Logo Primary Navigation Logo Header Logo for Mobiles Mobile Menu Label (in primary navigation) Instead of adding a mobile header logo via the header tab, consider typing your site name into the mobile menu label box in the primary navigation tab. Mobile Header Enabling the mobile header automatically disables the … Read more

Useful Font Awesome icons

There are hundreds of Font Awesome icons and quickly finding the right one for your project can be a struggle. So I made this list of the icons I use most often. Find an icon you like. Copy the name. Go to the Font Awesome website. And search for that icon. If the name has … Read more

The tools I use on this website

This website is designed to help people on a tight budget build good looking websites fast. To do this I’ll be using… One free theme One free plugin (Optional extra.) One premium plugin The theme is Generate Press Generate Press is designed to work well with page builder plugins. The page builder plugin is Beaver … Read more

Getting ready

Step 1: Things to do before you start designing First look at the demo themes to get an idea of what Generate Press looks like. But remember, even the free theme can be customized quite a bit. Generate Press Free Theme Generate press Premium Theme View as many sites as you can, looking for… Color … Read more