These settings are available when using the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

More Controls Customizer Tab

Many of the design and layout settings for your GeneratePress website are in the customizer. But if we take the header section of your website, for instance. The header settings are spread out under four different “More Controls” tabs in the customizer.

Your logo and tagline display in the header section of your website.

More Controls

If the header settings for instance, are spread out under four different customizer tabs. How do you find all of the header settings?

You use the more controls tab in the customizer. It enables you to access all of the settings for a specific element, without having to go back and forth clicking and searching through all of the different tabs.

We’ll use the header page section as an example.

The header settings in the customizer are…

  • Header – Background Images
  • Header – Colors
  • Header – Layout
  • Header – Typography

The customizer uses four different tabs to control the header settings

In the tab that says more controls you’ll see some links. If you click one of those links you’ll jump to one of the other settings for the element you are editing. In my case it’s the header element.

Look for the blue links under the text that says “More header controls”

More Controls in GeneratePress are the blue links in this customizer screenshot.

Look for the links in the “More Controls” section. Click each link to see the other header settings that are available.

In this example, the three blue links tell us that we can jump to the…

  • Header – Colors settings
  • Header – Typography settings
  • Header – Backgrounds settings

To make the header below, I used the header typography tab to change the font family. I used the header color tab to make the background blue. I used the header layout tab to put the navbar inside the header.

I used more controls to customize this site header section.

Finding all of these settings in the customizer is easy.
Use the blue links labeled “more controls”.

Remember to use more controls!