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Sticky Navigation Options in GeneratePress

See the sticky navigation options on the GeneratePress documentation site. Customize > Layout > Sticky Navigation First, enable sticky navigation Choose fade, slide or none Hide the sticky navbar when scrolling down This logo only displays when the navbar is sticky Adjust the height of the sticky navbar Sticky Navigation bar displays when the reader … Read more

Sidebar Settings in GeneratePress

The sidebar settings in GeneratePress enable you to show or hide sidebars on posts, pages and archive pages. Archive pages include the blog listing page, category listing pages and tag listing pages. You can have one sidebar on the left or right. Two sidebars plus the content area. Or no sidebars. The no sidebar layout … Read more

Container Settings in GeneratePress

These Generate Press container settings apply to ordinary blog posts and web pages. The container settings affect widths, spacing and background color. These are NOT GenerateBlocks settings. Container Width You can set the container width, this affects how wide the content area of your pages and posts will be. Separating Space If you’re using separate … Read more

Building a layout with GenerateBlocks

Think of your web page as a stack of page sections, one above of the other. Each page section is wrapped inside a container block. The container block enables you to give that page section a background color, background gradient or background image. You can stack as many blocks as you like inside each container … Read more

GenerateBlocks has four blocks

GenerateBlocks does not have any ready made blocks. But it does have the page layout tools you need to build your own blocks. What can you build with GenerateBlocks? You can build most page layouts and page elements that don’t move, slide or expand. Also, GenerateBlocks will not dynamically draw in posts. So you can … Read more

What is GenerateBlocks plugin?

Generate Blocks is a WordPress page layout plugin There are two main areas to a WordPress page or post. the content area and the header, footer and sidebar area Using GenerateBlocks you can design the layout of the content area of posts and pages. How do you design the header, footer and sidebar areas? You … Read more

Featured images for posts and pages

Important! In GeneratePress, featured images are easily confused with Page Headers. But page headers and featured images are actually two completely different things. Featured image settings and page header settings have no impact on eachother. What do featured images look like when used in GeneratePress? The three images below show the three featured image locations … Read more