GeneratePress Review: Free Theme and Premium Plugin

What is GeneratePress?

Generate Press is a free WordPress theme that has two very special features.

Many other themes work with GenerateBlocks and Beaver Builder to some extent, but few themes integrate with them this well. GeneratePress is designed to work with page builder plugins.

GeneratePress also has a one click option to make your page builder page layout span the full browser width, few other themes can do this so well or so easily.

The WordPress page title often looks out of place in when you use a page builder page layout, but with GeneratePress you can remove the page title with one click. Making your page builder layouts look much more professional.

Used together the free GeneratePress theme and the free version of GenerateBlocks page builder plugin give you a massive amount of control over the design of your homepage and any inner pages you choose to style.

Remember, there is a free version of GeneratePress and a free version of GenerateBlocks plugin.

The premium plugin

GeneratePress Premium plugin.

So why would you buy the GeneratePress premium plugin?

The GeneratePress premium plugin is designed specifically to enhance the free GeneratePress theme. The premium plugin enables you to style the theme and add extra options and elements to your site.

The elements the plugin enables you to style include…

  • Colors
  • Typography
  • WooCommerce
  • Page Sections
  • Menus
  • Page Header Sections
  • The Blog Listing
  • Background (colors and images)
  • Spacing Between Elements
  • Copyright (Footer Credits)
  • You can also Disable Page Elements (to build landing pages etc)
  • Make Hook Boxes (like the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin)

Take a look at these short videos that show each add on in action

Generate Press add-ons
Generate Press add-ons

The Generate Press premium plugin also enables you to…

  • Add hero header sections above your pages, posts and blog page.
  • Disable elements such as the header, footer, navbar and sidebars when you’re building landing pages.
  • Build simple stripy webpages, each stripe can have a different colour or a large image background. For more complex page layout grids I recommend you use the free GenerateBlocks plugin.
  • Build grid and masonry blog page layouts.
  • Customize the color and typography of your site.

The easiest way to see just how many extra features the GeneratePress premium plugin adds to the Generate Press free theme is to watch the short demonstrator videos on this page.

What do other people think of Generate Press?

If you go to the page for GeneratePress you’ll be amazed at the rave reviews this free theme gets.

I looked recently on and there were 1042 five star reviews of the free theme. There were just 13 reviews that gave GeneratePress less than five stars.

Replying to the first one star review Tom explained in detail how the reviewer could get the results they wanted. In reply to the second one star review, several independent Generate Press users jumped in to explain why they believed the review was unfair.

The reviews make one thing very clear…

Real users absolutely love this theme, it’s developer and the quality of support he provides

Visit the review page on

This is a real review from a Generate Press user…

“This theme is good. The Premium add-on pack is wonderful. The support is AWESOME!”

(click to see this review on

I could spend all day telling you about the features in the premium addon pack for GeneratePress but by far the easiest way for you to see what’s available in the premium version is to visit the plugin site and watch a couple of the one minute videos. I believe you’ll soon be convinced, I was.

I’ll leave you with another real review from…

“My work is simply easier because of this theme”

(click to see this review on

In my opinion the GeneratePress premium plugin is well worth the money.

Check it out now and see what you think.

The Premium Plugin