Building a layout with GenerateBlocks

Think of your web page as a stack of page sections, one above of the other. Each page section is wrapped inside a container block. The container block enables you to give that page section a background color, background gradient or background image.

GenerateBlocks has four blocks

GenerateBlocks does not have any ready made blocks. But it does have the page layout tools you need to build your own blocks. What can you build with GenerateBlocks? You can build most page layouts and page elements that don’t move, slide or expand. Also, GenerateBlocks will not dynamically draw in posts. So you can … Read more

What is GenerateBlocks plugin?

Generate Blocks is a WordPress page layout plugin There are two main areas to a WordPress page or post. the content area and the header, footer and sidebar area Using GenerateBlocks you can design the layout of the content area of posts and pages. How do you design the header, footer and sidebar areas? You … Read more