Less obvious settings in GeneratePress

As a new user of GeneratePress I often knew I could do something but I couldn’t work out how to do it. I didn’t know where the relevant settings were.

This post is not a tutorial. It’s a guide to help you quickly navigate to the settings page you need to do the job you want to do.

The Mobile Header Settings…

Customize > Layout > Header

Here you can…

  • Enable mobile header
  • Enable mobile header logo
  • Enable sticky mobile header (& hide on scroll)

Put a logo in the primary navigation bar, and search button in the primary navigation bar

Customize > Layout > Primary Navigation
The main reason you put a logo in the primary navigation bar is so you can see which website you’re on when you use a sticky primary navbar on desktops.

Enable sticky primary navigation

Customize > Layout > Sticky Navigation (& hide on scroll)
This affects the primary navbar only.

Enable slide out navigation

Customize > Layout > Slide-out Navigation
You must also choose the menu to display as the slide out navigation. To do that go to…
Appearance > Menus > Manage Locations

Back to top button

Customize > Layout > Footer (enable the button)
Customize > Colors > Footer (change BTTB color)

Set the main body font family for whole site

Customize > Typography > Body
The body font is inherited by all elements that are not specifically customized. Use standard windows/mac font stack where possible. This avoids having to load Google fonts.

Site title and tagline styling

Customize > Colors > Header
Customize > Typography > Header

H1 and H2 headings: large for desktops but small for mobiles

Customize > Typography > Headings
There are Desktop and Mobile icons that enable you to display large heading sizes on desktops but to automatically display a smaller heading size if the visitor is using a mobile or small screen device. This option is only available for h1 and h2 headline size settings.

WooCommerce product titles and up-sell product titles

Customize > Typography > WooCommerce

Load essential icons only

Load essential Font Awesome icons instead of the full library.

Cache dynamic CSS

Cache CSS generated by your options to boost performance.
Customize > General