Navbar and logo cheat sheet for GeneratePress

The Three Logos

  • Site Identity Logo
  • Primary Navigation Logo
  • Header Logo for Mobiles

Mobile Menu Label (in primary navigation)

Instead of adding a mobile header logo via the header tab, consider typing your site name into the mobile menu label box in the primary navigation tab.

Mobile Header

Enabling the mobile header automatically disables the site identity bar and header right widget area. If you add a mobile header logo keep it small and square so the mobile header doesn’t wrap on small phones.

Slim header navbar

  • Make your site identity logo slim.
  • Add a primary navigation logo, sticky only!
  • Float primary navigation right.
  • Leave header widget area empty.
  • Colour match the header bg and the primary navigation bg colours.

Sticky Navigation

  • Sticky navigation has its own tab in the customizer.
  • To use any sticky navbars, enable them here.
  • Options: enable on mobile/desktop/both/disable, hide on scroll and sticky nav height.
  • After you’ve enabled sticky navigation here, you can then set the header, primary navigation and mobile header to be sticky. You do that in their own dialogue boxes.

Slide-out navigation button

  1. Enable via the Slide-out Navigation tab.
  2. In manage locations tab, choose a menu that activates when the slide out hamburger is clicked.

Where are the logos?

Main logo…
Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Site Identity tab

Navbar logo (useful on sticky menus)…
Dashboard > Apperance > Customize > Layout > Primary Navigation tab

Mobile Header Logo
Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Layout > Header tab