GenerateBlocks has four blocks

GenerateBlocks does not have any ready made blocks. But it does have the page layout tools you need to build your own blocks.


Each row of your layout starts with a container block.


Add columns inside that container with the grid block.



For all custom typography, use the headline block.


Make your own custom buttons.

What can you build with GenerateBlocks?

You can build most page layouts and page elements that don’t move, slide or expand. Also, GenerateBlocks will not dynamically draw in posts. So you can not make post grids or post listings.

I’ve made another page showing some of the page elements you can build using GenerateBlocks.

The important point to remember is that…

GenerateBlocks is a page layout program.

You use it with a few other high quality plugins.

Do use GenerateBlocks for

  • page hero header
  • page sections with image or color background
  • grids and columns
  • call out boxes
  • call to action boxes
  • author profile box
  • testimonial boxes
  • pricing tables

Don’t use GenerateBlocks for

  • post or image sliders
  • post grids
  • accordions
  • anything that moves, slides or expands

Post grids and post lists

WP Show Posts plugin is made by the same developer who made GenerateBlocks. WP Show Posts makes post grids and post lists. If you want to add those to you site I highly recommend you give it a try.

A simple rule of thumb…

GenerateBlocks can make almost any static page layout or element that does not draw in post lists. You can draw in post lists if you install WP Show Posts, which is made by the same developer.