What is GenerateBlocks plugin?

Generate Blocks is a WordPress page layout plugin

There are two main areas to a WordPress page or post.

  • the content area and
  • the header, footer and sidebar area

Using GenerateBlocks you can design the layout of the content area of posts and pages.

How do you design the header, footer and sidebar areas?

You can do that using the premium version of GeneratePress theme. GeneratePress theme and GenerateBlocks plugin are designed to work together as a complete web design solution. But, if you want to, you can use GenerateBlocks to design the page content area of almost any WordPress theme.

Why is GenerateBlocks different to most other WordPress blocks plugins?

Most other block plugins bundle several ready made blocks together. When I counted, CoBlocks had 31 individual blocks. These ready made blocks usually perform one function and can be added to your page with a single click.

For instance Atomic Blocks plugin has ready made pricing table, call to action and accordion blocks.

Although adding these single use blocks to your page only takes seconds, there’s limited scope for customizing the block after you add it to your page.

GenerateBlocks is a page layout tool. Not a collection of ready made blocks.

There are only four blocks available in GenerateBlocks.

  • container
  • grid
  • headline
  • buttons

You use these four blocks to build almost any page layout you want.

The example below is built from…

  • a container block with a background image and rounded corners
  • a headline block with an icon
  • a grid block with three columns
  • a nested container block (the blue bar) with a button block

Headline above a grid

Column One

This is a description of the service I offer. It’s in the first column of a grid block.

Column Two

In this instance, I’m using a three column grid. I control how many columns I need.

Column Three

I can style the container and any columns of content I put inside that container.

You could add a call to action and a button.

No the next page I talk more about the four blocks.