These settings are available when using the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

Sticky Navigation Options in GeneratePress

See the sticky navigation options on the GeneratePress documentation site.

Sticky navigation options in GeneratePress theme.

Customize > Layout > Sticky Navigation

  1. First, enable sticky navigation
  2. Choose fade, slide or none
  3. Hide the sticky navbar when scrolling down
  4. This logo only displays when the navbar is sticky
  5. Adjust the height of the sticky navbar

Sticky Navigation bar displays when the reader scrolls back up the page

I set my sticky navigation bar to hide when scrolling down the page. This keeps more of the page area viewable. But when I scroll back up the page, the navbar sticks to the top of my screen.

I also added a sticky navigation bar logo, this tiny logo only displays when the navbar is sticking to the top of the screen. If the reader scrolls to the top of the page they once again see the normal page header with the normal full size logo.

Although there are only a few sticky navigation options, they really are very useful.