These settings are available when using the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

Sidebar Settings in GeneratePress

The sidebar settings in GeneratePress enable you to show or hide sidebars on posts, pages and archive pages. Archive pages include the blog listing page, category listing pages and tag listing pages.

You can have one sidebar on the left or right. Two sidebars plus the content area. Or no sidebars. The no sidebar layout is becoming a more popular choice. Because many website visitors are using smart phones or tablets with small screens.

Sidebar settings in GeneratePress.

Customize > Layout > Sidebars

  1. Sidebar layout = web pages
  2. Blog sidebar layout = archive pages
  3. Single post sidebar layout = blog posts
  4. Widget padding = padding around sidebar content
  5. Left & right sidebar width = makes your sidebar wider or narrower

The sidebar settings are…

  • sidebar/content
  • content/sidebar
  • content (no sidebars)
  • sidebar/content/sidebar
  • sidebar/sidebar/content
  • content/sidebar/sidebar

You can set the width of the sidebar to, for instance, 25% of the page width, or 30% of the page width. And you can set the padding inside the sidebar. That is, the padding between the sidebar content and the sidebar containing box.