These settings are available when using the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

Primary and Secondary Navigation in GeneratePress

Things you can do in the…

Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Layout > Primary Navigation


Primary Navigation Settings

  1. Change the mobile menu label text.
  2. Mobile menu break point.
  3. Navigation bar width & alignment.
  4. Navigation bar location.
  5. Navigation bar drop down links appear on hover or click of arrow.
  6. Make drop down links expand to the right or to the left.
  7. Enable the search icon in the navigation bar.
  8. Set the menu item width and height. (Padding around navbar links. )

There are many navigation bar settings. Go to: Customizer > layout > Primary Navigation.

The mobile menu label is the text that appears at the side of the hamburger icon.

The mobile menu break point is the size of screen that switches from desktop to mobile menu.

Use the width and alignment settings to make your navigation bar span the full browser width or be contained. And set the links to be left, center or right aligned.

Navigation location has seven options…

  • Below Header
  • Above Header
  • Float Right
  • Float Left
  • Left Sidebar
  • Right Sidebar
  • No Navigation

Navigation drop down lets you choose what action the reader needs to take to make the drop down links appear. The options are…

  • Hover
  • Click – Menu Item
  • Click – Arrow

Drop down direction controls which way the drop down links expand, left or right. This can be useful if a drop down menu item is long, and expands off the edge of the screen. You would change the drop down menu direction so the link expands into the page, not out of the page.

Enable search icon in the navigation bar. This option toggles on or off the search icon in the primary navbar. When a user clicks the search icon a search box opens. They can then search your site for the post or page they need.

Set the menu item width and height. The menu items are the text links inside the navigation bar. So increasing the menu item height would make the navigation bar deeper, or fatter.

Secondary navigation settings

The secondary navigation settings are almost the same as the primary navigation settings. But these settings are missing…

  • mobile menu breakpoint
  • drop down on click, hover or click of arrow and navigation search icon.