GeneratePress Copyright Add-On

The important points…

  • The copyright area is a thin bar at the very bottom of your site.
  • The copyright settings do not affect the footer widget area.
  • Code is provided to insert the year (2018 etc.) and a copyright symbol, you can type your business name in here too.
  • You can change the background color, text color and typography for the copyright section independently of the footer widget area settings.

The copyright add-on for GeneratePress is a very simple text box that enables you to change the text in the copyright area at the very bottom of your website.

Although you can include HTML and short-codes in the copyright area, you will probably only want to add the copyright symbol, the year and your business name.

The code for the copyright symbol, and the code that automatically displays this year’s date, are provided for you. Just copy and paste them into the box, then add your business name.

You can change the background color, text color and link color for the Footer Copyright area by going to…
Customize > Color > Footer.

To change the font used in the copyright section go to…
Dashboard > Customize > Typography > Footer.

Changing the typography for the footer copyright area does not affect the typography for the footer widgets. The footer widgets and sidebar typography can be customized by going to…
Dashboard > Customize > Typography > Widgets.

Those settings affect the typography in both the sidebar and footer widget areas.

You can also change the color of the back to top button here if you have enabled it.

And don’t forget, the footer and copyright area is independent of and can be styled separately from the footer widgets. They have their own settings.