These settings are available when using the GeneratePress Premium plugin.

Container Settings in GeneratePress

These Generate Press container settings apply to ordinary blog posts and web pages. The container settings affect widths, spacing and background color. These are NOT GenerateBlocks settings.

Container width settings in GeneratePress.

Container Width

You can set the container width, this affects how wide the content area of your pages and posts will be.

Separating space in GeneratePress.

Separating Space

If you’re using separate containers, you can set the separating space between the containers.

Content separator settings in GeneratePress

Content Separator

Use the content separator to adjust the amount of space between the featured image, post title, post content and the categories and tag links.

Using separate containers in GeneratePress.

Separate Containers

Your web page can have a single background color or you can divide your page into it’s different page elements. You do this using the content layout, separate containers option.

Container alignment in generatePress.

Container Alignment

Use container alignment to align your logo or post title with your page text, or it’s containing box.

Content padding in GeneratePress.

Content Padding

The content padding is between the page content and it’s container.