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Page Sections and GenerateBlocks Layouts In GeneratePress you can build pages and posts from individually styled rows or page sections. In previous versions of GeneratePress I would have used the sections page template. Now I build these pages from GenerateBlocks. Image Backgrounds This is a GenerateBlocks container block with a background image and a button. … Read more

Useful Font Awesome icons

There are hundreds of Font Awesome icons and quickly finding the right one for your project can be a struggle. So I made this list of the icons I use most often. Find an icon you like. Copy the name. Go to the Font Awesome website. And search for that icon. If the name has … Read more

Call to Action Boxes

I built these simple Call to Action boxes using GenerateBlocks plugin. GenerateBlocks plugin contains only four blocks. Container, grid, headline and buttons. Once you learn how those four blocks work, you can build most of the page layouts you’ll ever need. This is a content box You could use these content boxes to draw attention … Read more

Simple Callout Boxes

You can make simple callout boxes using GenerateBlocks and Font Awesome icons. Previously you might have used a page builder such as the Beaver Builder plugin.

GeneratePress Free Theme

With thousands of free themes available, why should you choose GeneratePress? Although GeneratePress is a clean and very professional looking theme, it’s real power comes with the premium plugin. So, if you’re sure you’ll never upgrade, is there any point using the free version of GeneratePress? Yes. Because GeneratePress integrates seamlessly with page builder plugins such … Read more

Color and Typography for DIY Web Designers

The tools you need Colorzilla What Font Colorzilla and What Font are two extensions for the Chrome browser. Colorzilla is a simple color picker tool. When you find a web site with a color scheme you like, you just activate the color picking tool and click the section of the web page that contains the … Read more

GeneratePress Review: Free Theme and Premium Plugin

In this GeneratePress review you’ll discover it’s a great theme for freelance web designers and small agencies. Especially if you’re passionate about the quality of the sites you build. Why choose GeneratePress over Elementor, Beaver Builder or Divi? The websites you build with GeneratePress will be just as good looking. But the code will be … Read more

The tools I use on this website

This website is designed to help people on a tight budget build good looking websites fast. To do this I’ll be using… GeneratePress free theme GeneratePress premium plugin (Needed for many of the fancy options.) GenerateBlocks plugin (Free with premium upgrade available.) The theme is Generate Press GeneratePress is designed to work with GenerateBlocks. It … Read more

Getting ready

Step 1: Things to do before you start designing First look at the demo themes to get an idea of what Generate Press looks like. But remember, even the free theme can be customized quite a bit. Generate Press Free Theme Generate press Premium Theme View as many sites as you can, looking for… Color … Read more