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CMS or blog, Using WordPress is the ideal solution…

Whether you’re using the .com free service or the self hosted version, these videos and online guides are for you.
It doesn’t matter if you’re need a CMS or a blog, the tutorials will show you all the basics and more. We practice building a site or blog using the default Twenty Eleven theme and some of the things you’ll learn include…

There’s even a video showing you how to build a website or blog in less than 15 minutes using WordPress. No matter what your skill level or how much time you have to invest, this is the perfect way to build a professional looking site. You can even do it for free if you want to.

You can look good online, provide all the information your customers or audience need and rank well in Google.

Does that sound like a good idea? I hope it does because there are people out there who are searching for the content you could provide and with a CMS or blogging platform this powerful you’re off to a flying start.
This website can help you if you areā€¦

  • A small business owner.
  • Involved with a church or social group.
  • Someone who has a hobby that other people would find interesting.

The list is endless but the important point is that you can make your own CMS website or blog using WordPress. And you can start right now for free using this video and online training website and a free or self hosted account.

Well, what are you waiting for? Log on and get started now ;-)

This website was built by Philip Gledhill, Bradford web designer and WordPress assistant.

Build a WordPress website in less than 15 minutes

How to build a website in less than fifteen minutes. Follow along with me as I build a four page website using and the Twenty Eleven theme. I add an image to the home page and change the header image on all pages in the site.

If you want to find more detailed instructions for any individual part of the process you can follow the links in the main WordPress tutorials section of this site.

Set your homepage in WordPress

How to set a static homepage for your WordPress website. Your WordPress blog or website shows your most recently published posts on the front page. But, if you want to you can set any page from your site as the home or front page. You can also add a blog page to display your most […]

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Log in to WordPress

Hello, I’m Philip and I’m here to help you get started using WordPress. The first thing you need to do is go to and sign up for a free blog. Now that you have created your account you can start using WordPress. Go to and click the login button. (top left) Add […]

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Crop, rotate, flip and resize an image in WordPress.

Remember… Only make one change to any image. You can crop, rotate, flip or resize the image. But if you try to crop and resize the same image it might not work! Things you can do on the Edit Image page… Crop, rotate, flip and scale an image. First go to… Media > Library Select […]

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Changing the WordPress header image in the Twenty Eleven theme

How to change the WordPress header image and text in your theme After logging in to WordPress and going to your Dashboard, follow these instructions. Select Appearance -> Header Use the Upload image dialogue box to brows for and select an image on your computer to use as the header of your website. Make sure […]

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Change your WordPress theme

This series of videos will show you how to make a simple website for your small business, church or community group. So that you can get started right now we’re using a free account. I want you to be able to follow along and learn WordPress with the minimum of fuss and effort. So […]

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Add your first page, advanced

We’ve already dealt with the absolute basics of adding a post or page to your website in the previous video and web page. This page and video is about the extra input boxes that you can use to add extra information to your post or page. We’ll find out about adding photos to your […]

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Add your first page

If you need a recap on how to find your dashboard, see Login to First click, Pages >> Add new Put your page title in the first text box. This will be used as the main page headline. Make sure you are using the Visual editor, click the tab if in doubt. Type your […]

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Add an image, the basics

In this tutorial we’ll place an image in the page with the minimum of settings. We will just set the alignment to left or right and choose a large or small image size. We are going to upload an image from our desktop and insert it in to our WordPress web page. Click to place […]

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